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With over 3000 linguists and close to two decades of experience in the language industry, Transflow provides best in class, translation, transcription and voiceover services.


Driven by innovative technology Transflow ensures error free translation and transcription services, in 180+ languages encompassing different domains and industries. A readily available talented pool of voiceover artists delivers superior quality voiceovers in line with the client’s request.



Translation as a process converts a piece of content from source language to the destination language taking into consideration language and cultural nuances. Translation as a tool or function helps the target audience comprehend better the product or service on offer, enabling at scale consumption. Thus, translation is a quintessential requirement for modern day businesses to expand reach and bolster revenue.

Step-by-step Process of Translation

Step 1
Content Analysis
Technical analysis of the content. Glossary, term base, style guide and instruction preparation.
Step 2
Translation process converts contents from source language to target language taking into consideration language and cultural nuances.
Step 3
Desktop Publishing
DTP process covers Layout fixing, Formatting and Image editing.
Step 4
Proofreading process helps to check and modify the target translated contents to make it better in contextually and linguistics aspects.
Step 5
Quality Analysis
QA process helps to perform language level checks like, Capitalization, Punctuation, Spacing, Consistency, Repetition etc.
Step 6
Review and delivery of translated content in similar format of the source.

Seamless Translations

Our experienced pool of linguists uses trending technologies and astute processes to deliver quality translation solutions that seamlessly integrates with the language needs of your business. Below is an example of text translation from source language English to destination language Hindi.

english sample
hindi sample


Voiceover relates to the conversion of text into audio format. Transflow specializes in rendering multilingual voiceovers. Voiceovers can be successfully rendered in different voices, ex. male, female, young or old by experienced artists as per the clients request.

Process Involved in Voiceover

Voice Casting



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At Transflow our emphasis is to provide our clients with the best in class translation services that seamlessly bridges the gap between businesses and their customers.

Greater cost savings and control over your translation budget.
Faster project turnaround times.
Safeguarded translation quality.
Messaging consistency and brand control across multiple languages and target locales.
Control and guidance on how your organization sources translations.
Use of the latest automation technology.
Linguistic capabilities transcending 180+ global languages.
Greater personalization of services.

Do more than just translate!

Widespread perception of localization is that it is primarily a process of translation that works to translate a piece of content text or audio from source language to the language of choice. While translation is an important aspect of localization, it is not the only application. Localization tries to effectively address cultural, language and technical requirements with emphasis on translation, transliteration, context, intent, regional preference and linguistic conventions.

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