Machine Intelligence

Giving you the first mover advantage by comprehending future global market needs through AI powered, innovative language solutions.

The growing influence of chatbots, virtual assistants and other human machine interactive mediums has given rise to a steady demand for enhanced machine learning capabilities, that can comprehend and converse just like, us humans. Transflow is a leader in creating and serving customized localization solutions to help clients design, develop, implement test and enhance language technology and capabilities. Irrespective of the device, language or interface, we aim to enable delightful human-machine interactions.

MI for Engaging Impactful Exchange

  • Real-time Multilingual Communication
  • Engaging Human-Machine Interaction
  • Smart Virtual Assistants
  • Precision Sentiment Analysis
  • Accurate Language Processing for Search
  • Research Projects

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Features of Machine Intelligence

  • Language Engineers and Linguists for 180+ languages; Testers, Annotators, Analytical Linguists for 180+ languages.
  • Verified Proven framework, meticulous process, and methods for delivery
  • Trusted globally, vivid industry experience, one stop solution provider
  • Combination of Machine Learning and manual oversight
  • Established security and confidentiality protocols
  • Global Staffing Service for onsite and virtual SMEs
  • Competitive and economical global production centers.

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